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PYPO and Prelude Ensembles Auditions
Saturday, April 26

(some limited audition times available Sunday, May 4)

New Overture Strings Program for 2014-2015
Beginning Strings Orchestra
Auditions Saturday, October 4.

Dr. Roger Tabler
Music Director

We're driven by the idea that PYPO students will return each week to their schools being leaders, mentors, and guides for other budding musicians. At PYPO, we do not place the product above the process. . . we try to balance these two ideals each and every week.
Our staff is totally committed to challenging each musician, nurturing each person, and exploring the humanity behind the art. We---the conductors and coaches--each enjoy creative lives which mean performing and sharing. As the world of classical music continues to undergo seismic shifts, at PYPO we cling to the idea that personal excellence transcends music, because a PYPO education is not necessarily training for just a music career---it is training for a creative life.

Advanced Orchestra - All Instruments

PYPO Prelude String Ensemble
Junior Ensemble - String Instruments Only

PYPO Prelude Woodwind Ensemble
Junior Ensemble - Woodwind Instruments Only
(new for 2011-2012)
(Minimum requirement: 1 year experience)

PYPO Prelude Brass Ensemble
Junior Ensemble - Brass Instruments Only
(Minimum requirement: 1 year experience)

2013-2014 Members Handbook

Golden 20's Gala
PYPO's 20th Anniversary Celebration

Tickets may be purchased here:

or paid for by check made out to 'PYPO' and sent to P.O. Box 15675, Pgh, PA 15244

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